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Chapter 11. Monitoring Your System with the Service List Console

11.1. Service List Console

The Service List Console allows system administrators to view information about the services listed in the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform's service registry. Access it from http://localhost:8080/contract/.

11.2. Service List Console Functionality

The Service List Console displays the following information:
  • processing times
  • numbers of failed messages
  • bytes transferred
  • the date-time stamps of the last successful and failed messages
It also displays the following information for each ESB service:
  • processing time per action
  • processed count per action
  • failed count per action
  • overall message count (per service)
  • The Console also keeps count of the number of messages that have passed through the Enterprise Service Bus via a message counter. (This counter also tracks the numbers of successfully-processed and failed messages and records the number of bytes processed and the time-stamp for each message.)
  • You can also monitor Dead Letter Service which handles undeliverable messages.


    The Dead Letter Service will not, however, be used if the underlying transport has native support. (This is the case for the Java Messaging Service.) In these situations, you must inspect both the Dead Letter Service and any transport-specific equivalent.
  • The Console also keeps track of the events performed on the Action Pipeline, including Smooks transformations (and the amount of time taken to perform them).