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5.3. Process Creation and Validation

The following procedure explains how to create a simple process with the Process Designer in the BRMS user interface. Users must be logged on to the BRMS user interface to use the Process Designer.

Procedure 5.1.  Create a Process

  1. From the navigation panel select Knowledge BasesCreate NewNew BPMN2 Process.
  2. Enter a name for the process in the Name: dialogue box.
  3. Select which package to create the process in from the drop down menu and provide a description.


    At this stage, Red Hat advises against creating processes in the global area as not all of the processes attributes can be successfully imported into other packages.
  4. Processes are created by dragging and dropping the process elements from the shape repository panel on the left of the screen onto the canvas in the center of the screen.
    Select the node to start the process with from the shape repository panel and drag it onto the canvas.
    Name the node by clicking the value column next to Name in the properties panel on the right side of the Process Designer.
  5. Add the next node in the process by selecting the required node type from the shape repository panel and dragging it onto the canvas.
    Edit the node's properties in the properties panel.
  6. Connect the nodes by clicking the first node; then by selecting and holding the arrow icon, drag it to the second node.
  7. Continue to add nodes and connections until the process is finished.
Process Designer and Unicode Characters

When creating new processes it is important not to include unicode characters in either the process name or the process ID, as this is not currently supported and will result in unexpected behavior from the process designer when saving and retrieving the process assets.

Process Validation

The Process Designer can be used to check that processes are complete. If validation errors are encountered, an error message is displayed; however, validation errors should not be relied upon to check for overall correctness of the process.

To validate processes, select the validate process button on the top menu bar of the Process Designer.
If any validation errors are found, an error symbol is displayed to the left of the node the that contains the error. A tool tip describing the validation error will be displayed when the cursor is positioned over the error symbol.