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8.4. Managing Process Instances

The Business Central Console offers the following functionality for managing business processes that are part of the installed knowledge base:

Managing Process Instances

Managing Process Instances
The process instances table, found under the Processes menu, shows all running instances for a specific process definition. Select a process instance to show the details of that specific process instance.
Starting new process instances
New process instances are started by selecting the process definition from the process definition list and selecting Start. If a form is associated with the process (to ask for additional information before starting the process) the form will be displayed. After completing the form, the process is started with the provided information.
Inspecting Process Instance State
To inspect the state of a specific process instance, click on the Diagram button. The process flow chart is displayed with a red triangle overlaid on any currently active nodes.
Inspecting Process Instance Variables
Top level process instance variables can be inspected by clicking the Instance Data button.
Terminate Process Instances
To terminate a process instance, click the Terminate button.
Delete Process Instances
To delete a process instance, click the Delete button.
Signal Process
To signal processes that have catching intermediate signal events defined, click the signal button.