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5.6. Defining Domain-Specific Service Nodes

The Process Designer supports domain-specific nodes. To include service nodes in the Process Designer's BPMN2 stencil set, the service node definitions can either be uploaded from JBoss Developer Studio (see Section 6.1, “JBoss Developer Studio”) or configured in the BRMS user interface.

Procedure 5.3. Define a Service Node

  1. From the navigation panel, select Knowledge BasesCreate NewNew Work Item Definition.
  2. Enter a name for the definition in the Name: dialogue box.
    Select which package to assign the service node to, or select Create in Global Area, provide a description and click OK.
  3. Configure the service node as required.
    For example, an email service node could be named Email, and parameters, To, From, Subject, and Body, all of type String. Edit the existing parameters and use the Parameter button to add new ones.
    Edit the display name to show the required name for the work task.
    Select FileSave Changes.
  4. Upload an icon for the Service node.
    Select Create NewCreate a file.
    Enter a name into the Name dialogue box.
    Enter the file extension type.
    Select which package the file should be created in and click OK.
  5. Click Choose File to select an image file from the local filesystem and click Upload.
  6. Add the icon to the service node.
    Click the package name from the navigation panel; expand the WorkItemDefinition tab and select the work and click open for the service node. PNG and GIF formats are supported for icons.
    The icon is now available for the Select Icon to add drop down box. Select the icon to use.
  7. Click FileSave Changes.
  8. To add the new service node to a process, open a process.
    1. From the navigation panel select Knowledge BasesPackages and select the package.
    2. Expand the processes area under the assets tab and click open on the required process.
  9. From the Shape Repository, expand the Service Tasks tab and drag the new service node on to the process as required.