Chapter 10. Human Tasks

10.1. Human Tasks

Human Tasks are tasks within a process that must be carried out by human actors. BRMS Business Process Management supports a human task node inside processes for modeling the interaction with human actors. The human task node allows process designers to define the properties related to the task that the human actor needs to execute; for example, the type of task, the actor, and the data associated with the task can be defined by the human task node. A back-end human task service manages the lifecycle of the tasks at runtime. The implementation of the human task service is based on the WS-HumanTask specification, and the implementation is fully pluggable; this means users can integrate their own human task solution if necessary.
To include human tasks in processes, the following steps are required:
  • Human tasks nodes must be included inside the process model.
  • A task management component must integrate with the BRMS BPM (BRMS 5.3 standalone comes with the WS-HumanTask implementation included).
  • End users must interact with a human task client to request their tasks, claim and complete tasks.