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2.4.10. Queries

Since Hibernate has more features on named queries than the one defined in the EJB3 specification, @org.hibernate.annotations.NamedQuery, @org.hibernate.annotations.NamedQueries, @org.hibernate.annotations.NamedNativeQuery and @org.hibernate.annotations.NamedNativeQueries have been introduced. They add some attributes to the standard version and can be used as a replacement:
  • flushMode: define the query flush mode (Always, Auto, Commit or Manual)
  • cacheable: whether the query should be cached or not
  • cacheRegion: cache region used if the query is cached
  • fetchSize: JDBC statement fetch size for this query
  • timeout: query time out
  • callable: for native queries only, to be set to true for stored procedures
  • comment: if comments are activated, the comment seen when the query is sent to the database.
  • cacheMode: Cache interaction mode (get, ignore, normal, put or refresh)
  • readOnly: whether or not the elements retrievent from the query are in read only mode.
Those hints can be set in a standard @javax.persistence.NamedQuery annotations through the detyped @QueryHint. Another key advantage is the ability to set those annotations at a package level.