Red Hat Training

A Red Hat training course is available for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Common Criteria Certification

3.3.3. Install Zip

In Section 3.3.2, “Verifying the Downloaded Files” you verified the integrity of the Zip archive. You can now install the Zip binary on your system.

Procedure 3.3. Installation using ZIP file

Follow this procedure to install JBoss Enterprise Application Platform via ZIP file.
  1. Unzip filejboss-eap-[version].zip to extract the archive contents into the location of your choice.

    This creates the jboss-eap-[version] directory, with an un-configured installation of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

  2. Optional: Download and Install Native Components

    Native components are downloaded separate to the primary application binary.
    1. Choose a Native Components binary that corresponds to one of the evaluated Operating Systems listed in Section 2.1.2, “Operating System”.
    2. Click the name of the Native Component binary to display the SHA-256 checksum.
    3. Repeat the process in Section 3.3.2, “Verifying the Downloaded Files” to verify the file's authenticity.
    4. Unzip the downloaded file to JBoss installation directory (such as jboss-eap-5.1.0) as can locate the components automatically when starting the Enterprise Application Server.
    5. Run the following rm command to remove the https directory and retain the compatibility with Common Criteria:
      # rm -rf JBOSS_INSTALL_DIR/jboss-ep-[version]/native/JBOSS_NATIVE_LIB/httpd
      Substitute JBOSS_INSTALL_DIR with JBoss installation directory, [version] with the product version you chose, and JBOSS_NATIVE_LIB with the library directory (lib or lib64).


      Only Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 JBoss Native Components are certified and supported in Common Criteria certified configurations.
  3. Install Security Patches

    Follow the procedures in Section 3.3.4, “Download Patches” to correctly download the required security patches for the evaluated configuration and follow the patch installation instructions inside individual ZIP files (README.txt).