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A Red Hat training course is available for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Common Criteria Certification

1.3. Certified Documentation

When installing, configuring, and operating the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform in a Common Criteria evaluated configuration, you must only refer to the product documentation authorized for use with this Common Criteria certification.
The product documentation bundle is available in two certified formats:
  • PDF documentation bundle
  • on-line
You can download the PDF documentation bundle from the Customer Support Portal in addition to the installation binary. For more information about downloading the installation files, refer to Chapter 3, Downloading and Verifying the Packages.
You can view the Common Criteria certified documentation on-line by visiting, and viewing the Common Criteria documentation section.
All references to JBoss enterprise user documentation in this guide refer to the guides contained in the certified formats.


You must not refer to the standard on-line product documentation for JBoss Enterprise Application 5 maintenance versions when operating an evaluated configuration. The progressively updated on-line documentation versions may contain information that if followed could result in an evaluated configuration certification breach.