6. Known Issues

JBPAPP6-1680 - Usage of finalize() needs extra guards on IBM JDK
JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 can experience intermittent failures when running on the IBM JDK 6 and 7. This is because the IBM garbage collector is much more aggressive than that of other JVMs. This can sometimes result in memory being reclaimed in situations that were unanticipated and did not manifest when testing on other JVMs.
Until this issue is resolved Red Hat recommends not using the IBM JDK 6 or 7 to run JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.
JBPAPP6-1701 - Installer rejects valid maven repo as invalid when option to select maven repo with artifacts for building eap is selected for installing quickstarts
When using the Installer, performing the Maven configuration step for the Quick Starts will always fail. The error message displayed is "The given path either isn't a maven-repository, or does not contain the required artefacts". As a result it is not possible to configure the user's Maven settings to use the specified repository with the GUI Installer. In this release, this step must be done manually. Refer to the developer guide for more information.
JBPAPP6-1533 - SystemMemoryUsageLoadMetric is not correct on Linux/Unix
The SystemMemoryUsageLoadMetric does not show useful information on Linux or UNIX operating systems. For these systems, HeapMemoryUsageLoadMetric provides more useful information. The solution to this problem will be to change the algorithm of SystemMemoryUsageLoadMetric to subtract the buffers/cache value from the used number. The best method for doing this is under investigation.
JBPAPP6-1500 - [AS7-4981]Server instance cannot start after host-controller and server instance processes are killed at once in domain mode
If a host-controller and server-instance processes of a domain mode server are killed at the same time, the host-controller restarts successfully but the server instance fails. Attempting to start the server instance manually will also fail. These failures are recorded in the server logs. It is necessary to stop and restart the server entirely in this scenario.

Apache Server (httpd) and Connectors

JBPAPP6-1260 - JK Status Manager does not work
Apache mod_jk includes a status manager API. When operations are run with it, the changes are not applied, whether initiated via the API or the JK Status Manager web interface. This is due to an error with shared memory synchronization.
JBPAPP6-1392 - APR natives are not being loaded if UAC is in place (Windows Server 2008 R2)
On Windows servers, Apache portable runtime (APR) libraries will fail to load unless a user with administration rights is being used with User Account Control (UAC) disabled.
JBPAPP6-1378 - CLONE - Apache with mod_cluster refuses to start (create_mem_node)
On Windows servers, Apache with mod_cluster in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 can only be started if the following conditions are met:
  • The user must have administration rights.
  • User Account Control (UAC) must be disabled.
JBPAPP6-1417 - httpd: libaprutil-1.so.0: file too short
Apache portable runtime (APR) binaries are not natively packaged as part of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, or JBoss Enterprise Web Server, for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Symbolic links are used to reference the base Red Hat Enterprise Linux libraries. This can result in an issue with unresolvable symlinks when trying to use APR binaries if the following packages are not installed: apr, apr-util, apr-devel, apr-util-devel.
The fix for this issue will be shipped with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux APR update against the Bugzilla link referenced in the JIRA.


JBPAPP6-1326 - CDI beans with SET replication trigger are not replicating
Due to a bug in the Weld component, the setAttribute method is not called correctly. This causes CDI beans with the SET replication trigger to fail to be replicated. The workaround is to use the SET_AND_NON_PRIMITIVE_GET trigger for these beans. This will be fixed in a future release.
JBPAPP6-1408 - CLONE - Singleton Service fails on Windows with "IllegalStateException: JBAS010350: Expected result from singleton provider only, but instead received 0 results"
An error like the following can be seen on Microsoft Windows:
IllegalStateException: JBAS010350: Expected result from singleton provider only, but instead received 0 results
This issue is under investigation and seems to be due to timing. The fix will be to make the getValueRef method retry if the new master has not yet been notified. Until this fix is in place, the workaround is to add a Thread.sleep() call to your code to delay the getValueRef() call.
JBPAPP6-1405 - Property substitution breaks when the string "localhost" is used as part of the default value
Property substitution does not work correctly when the string "localhost" was used as part of a default value in the JGroups subsystem configuration. Property substitution is a feature provided for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 subsystems. However not all subsystems have it enabled, and some subsystems (like JGroups) actually do some of their own substitution. However this behavior is not standardized and differs from the supported subsystem properties. Red Hat recommends not to use property substitution with the JGroups subsystem until this issue is resolved.
JBPAPP6-1315 - CLONE - Sessions lost on server shutdown using DIST ASYNC
In some situations, clustered sessions are lost when a server shuts down when using DIST ASYNC cache mode. The cause of this issue is still under investigation.
JBPAPP6-1303 - CLONE - Stale session data received when using DIST SYNC on node shutdown
During testing, a few cases showed that stale session data was received when a node shut down and DIST SYNC or DIST ASYNC cache mode was used. This issue is still under investigation.
JBPAPP6-1169 - transient "WeldListener: java.lang.NullPointerException" with clustering and session replication
A WeldListener: java.lang.NullPointerException is thrown occasionally when using session passivation. The client receives a HTTP response 503, along with the exception text. The cause of this bug is under investigation.


JBPAPP6-1322 - Remote EJB NoSuchEJBException with REPL SYNC replication
A NoSuchEJBException can occur when using clustered remote EJBs with sync replication. The stateful session bean cache is lost and the client does not receive a valid reply. The cause of this issue is under investigation.
JBPAPP6-1423 - CLONE - Extremely slow response times in Remote EJB invocation on cluster membership change
On server shutdown or crash, membership changes can take up to one minute to complete. This issue is currently under investigation.


JBPAPP6-1341 - EAP6 CLI error when data is over 64k
There is a known issue where any command that returns a String converted to UTF-8 that is over 64k is aborted with an error. The root cause of this is only logged at the debug level in server.log. This issue occurs in org.jboss.dmr.StringModelValue.writeExternal(StringModelValue.java:46) and is a limitation of the DataOutput.writeUTF(String) method. The issue is currently under investigation.


JBPAPP6-1487 - HHH-7287 Problem in caching proper natural-id-values when obtaining result by naturalIdQuery using NaturalIdLoadAccess
NaturalIdLoadAccess behaves inconsistently when trying to load entities from the Level Two(L2) Cache after an update of their natural-id values from a non-transactional scenario.
Hibernate currently does not support proper L2 caching of entities with natural IDs in scenarios where there is a mix of transactional and non-transactional access to the database.


JBPAPP6-1347 - Problem with Netty on IPv6 link-local addresses
Due to a JDK bug, if you use link local addresses, zone IDs are used to distinguish which interface is chosen. This problem does not affect global addresses. A workaround will be included in a future version of the Netty component.
JBPAPP6-1522 - CLONE - NPE in ClientSessionFactoryImpl - NettySymmetricClusterWithBackupTest
When JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 is shutdown while there is still messaging activity, HornetQ sometimes logs an error message from a null pointer exception (NullPointerException).
[Thread-9 (HornetQ-server-HornetQServerImpl::server 4-23816361)] 26-Feb 8:28:56,696 WARNING [ServerLocatorImpl]  NULL
       at org.hornetq.core.client.impl.ClientSessionFactoryImpl$PingRunnable.send(ClientSessionFactoryImpl.java:1646)
Apart from the log message there are no negative consequences and the cause is being investigated. This can be avoided by ensuring that messaging activity has ceased before commencing server shutdown.
JBPAPP6-1519 - CLONE - NPE in ServerLocatorImpl - ClusterConnectionControlTest
When JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 is shutdown while there is still messaging activity, HornetQ sometimes logs an error message from a null pointer exception (NullPointerException).
[Thread-6 (HornetQ-server-HornetQServerImpl::serverUUID=9660e261-6099-11e1-a8c1-001aa0331a23-4266519)] 26-Feb 11:47:36,738 WARNING [ServerLocatorImpl]  NULL java.lang.NullPointerException
Apart from the log message there are no negative consequences and the cause is being investigated. This can be avoided by ensuring that messaging activity has ceased before commencing server shutdown.

IPv6 support

JBPAPP6-1357 - Opened IPv4 sockets on Windows when server is bound to IPv6
If JBoss Enterprise Application 6 is started in Microsoft Windows server with the IPv4 stack disabled and the IPv6 stack enabled, IPv4 sockets are still opened. This issue is still under investigation.
JBPAPP6-1475 - Wrong format of IPv6 addresses in log entries
IPv6 addresses should be formatted with square brackets ([ and ]) around them, such as in http://[2620:52:0:105f::ffff:2]:9990. The brackets are missing in the log files for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6. This issue is scheduled to be fixed in a future release.

Scripts and Commands

JBPAPP6-1379 - Jdr script utility isn't able to connect to localhost:9990 at all
The following error messages occur in the following contexts if the clusters-proxy-configuration is not configured:
  • Server logs: Could not query url: http://localhost:9990/management; error: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error
  • When running the jdr.sh script: JBOSS API call failed, falling back to HTTP: Controller Client is not available
These errors are normal, and only indicate that the clusters-proxy-configuration is not configured. These messages are created because of implementations in the upstream sosreport project, and they may be modified or removed in the future.

Web Services

JBPAPP6-871 - JBossWS-CXF doesn't send fault message to a FaultTo endpoint when request-response message
If the FaultTo element of WS-Addressing is set to a WS client, the WS server does not send fault messages to the FaultTo destination. However, if the ReplyTo element is set, the WS server does send the responses to the ResponseTo destination. The cause of this issue is still under investigation.


JBPAPP6-1664 - ConversationPropagationFilter breaks external redirects
Weld ConversationPropagationFilter incorrectly tries to transform a URL during a programmatic redirect to an external URL. Doing programmatic redirect from a long-running conversation causes an error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal view ID [...]. The ID must begin with /.