Chapter 2. Prepare for Migration

2.1. Prepare for Migration

Since the application server is structured differently than in previous versions, you may want to do some research and planning before you attempt to migrate your application.
  1. Review What's New and Different in JBoss Enterprise Platform 6

    A number of things have changed in this release that may impact deployment of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5 applications. These include changes to the file directory structure, scripts, deployment configuration, class loading and JNDI lookups. See Section 2.2, “Review What's New and Different in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6” for details.
  2. Review the Get Started documentation

    Be sure to review the Get Started Developing Applications chapter of the Development Guide for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6. It contains important information about the following:
    • Java EE 6
    • The new modular class loading system
    • File structure changes
    • How to download and install JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6
    • How to download and install JBoss Developer Studio
    • How to configure Maven for your development environment
    • How to download and run the quickstart example applications that ship with the product.
  3. Analyze and Understand your Application

    Each application is unique and you must thoroughly understand the components and architecture of the existing application before you attempt the migration.


Before making any modifications to your application, make sure to create a backup copy.