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13.3. Security Realms

13.3.1. About Security Realms

A security realm is a series of mappings between users and passwords, and users and roles. Security realms are a mechanism for adding authentication and authorization to your EJB and Web applications. JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 provides two security realms by default:
  • ManagementRealm stores user, password, and role information for the Management API, which provides the functionality for the Management CLI and web-based Management Console. It provides an authentication system for managing JBoss Enterprise Application Platform itself. You could also use the ManagementRealm if your application needed to authenticate with the same business rules you use for the Management API.
  • ApplicationRealm stores user, password, and role information for Web Applications and EJBs.
Each realm is stored in two files on the filesystem:
  • stores usernames and hashed passwords.
  • REALM-users.roles stores user-to-role mappings.
The properties files are stored in the domain/configuration/ and standalone/configuration/ directories. The files are written simultaneously by the or add-user.bat command. When you run the command, the first decision you make is which realm to add your new user to.