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11.12. RESTEasy JavaScript API

11.12.1. About the RESTEasy JavaScript API

RESTEasy can generate a JavaScript API that uses AJAX calls to invoke JAX-RS operations. Each JAX-RS resource class will generate a JavaScript object of the same name as the declaring class or interface. The JavaScript object contains each JAX-RS method as properties.

Example 11.15. Simple JAX-RS JavaScript API Example

public interface X{
 public String Y();
 public void Z(String entity);
The interface above defines the methods Y and Z, which become properties in the JavaScript API, shown below:
var X = {
 Y : function(params){…},
 Z : function(params){…}
Each JavaScript API method takes an optional object as single parameter where each property is a cookie, header, path, query or form parameter as identified by their name, or the API parameter properties. The properties are available here: Section 11.12.3, “RESTEasy Javascript API Parameters”.