5.11.3. Using Outbound LDAP with 2-way SSL in the Management Interface and CLI

JBoss EAP 6 can be configured to use an outbound connection to a LDAP server using 2-way SSL for authentication in the Management Interface and CLI.

Procedure 5.4. Configure Outbound LDAP with 2-way SSL

  1. Configure the security realm keystore and truststore. The security realm must contain a keystore configured with the key that the JBoss EAP 6 server will use to authenticate against the LDAP server. The security realm must also contain a truststore configured with the LDAP server's certificates. See Section 5.9, “Using 2-way SSL for the Management interface and the CLI” for instructions on configuring keystores and truststores.
  2. Add the outbound connection to the LDAP server, specifying the configured security realm:
  3. Configure LDAP authentication within the security realm and the management interfaces as shown in Section 5.11.2, “Use LDAP to Authenticate to the Management Interfaces”.