5.3. Disable the HTTP Management Interface

In a managed domain, you only need access to the HTTP interface on the domain controller, rather than on domain member servers. In addition, on a production server, you may decide to disable the web-based Management Console altogether.


Other clients, such as JBoss Operations Network, also operate using the HTTP interface. If you want to use these services, and simply disable the Management Console itself, you can set the console-enabled attribute of the HTTP interface to false, instead of disabling the interface completely.
To disable access to the HTTP interface, which also disables access to the web-based Management Console, you can delete the HTTP interface altogether.
The following JBoss CLI command allows you to read the current contents of your HTTP interface, in case you decide to add it again.

Example 5.1. Read the Configuration of the HTTP Interface

    "outcome" => "success",
    "result" => {
        "console-enabled" => true,
        "interface" => "management",
        "port" => expression "${jboss.management.http.port:9990}",
        "secure-port" => undefined,
        "security-realm" => "ManagementRealm"
To remove the HTTP interface, issue the following command:

Example 5.2. Remove the HTTP Interface

To re-enable access, issue the following commands to re-create the HTTP Interface with the default values.

Example 5.3. Re-Create the HTTP Interface