6.6. About Constraints

Constraints are named sets of access-control configuration for a specified list of resources. The RBAC system uses the combination of constraints and role permissions to determine if any specific user can perform a management action.

Constraints are divided into three classifications: application, sensitivity and vault expression.
Application Constraints

Application Constraints define sets of resources and attributes that can be accessed by users of the Deployer role. By default the only enabled Application Constraint is core which includes deployments, deployment overlays. Application Constraints are also included (but not enabled by default) for datasources, logging, mail, messaging, naming, resource-adapters and security. These constraints allow Deployer users to not only deploy applications but also configure and maintain the resources that are required by those applications.

Application constraint configuration is in the Management API at /core-service=management/access=authorization/constraint=application-classification.
Sensitivity Constraints

Sensitivity Constraints define sets of resources that are considered "sensitive". A sensitive resource is generally one that is either secret, like a password, or one that will have serious impact on the operation of the server, like networking, JVM configuration, or system properties. The access control system itself is also considered sensitive.

The only roles permitted to write to sensitive resources are Administrator and SuperUser. The Auditor role is only able to read sensitive resources. No other roles have access.

Sensitivity constraint configuration is in the Management API at /core-service=management/access=authorization/constraint=sensitivity-classification.
Vault Expression Constraint

The Vault Expression constraint defines if reading or writing vault expressions is consider a sensitive operation. By default both reading and writing vault expressions is a sensitive operation.

Vault Expression constraint configuration is in the Management API at /core-service=management/access=authorization/constraint=vault-expression.

Constraints can not be configured in the Management Console at this time.