13.9.4. Interceptor Precedence Families About Interceptor Precedence Families


Interceptors can be sensitive to the order they are invoked. RESTEasy groups interceptors in families to make ordering them simpler. This reference topic covers the built-in interceptor precedence families and the interceptors associated with each.

There are five predefined families. They are invoked in the following order:
SECURITY interceptors are usually PreProcessInterceptors. They are invoked first because as little as possible should be done before the invocation is authorized.
HEADER_DECORATOR interceptors add headers to a response or an outgoing request. They follow the security interceptors as the added headers may affect the behavior of other interceptor families.
ENCODER interceptors change the OutputStream. For example, the GZIP interceptor creates a GZIPOutputStream to wrap the real OutputStream for compression.
REDIRECT interceptors are usually used in PreProcessInterceptors, as they may reroute the request and totally bypass the JAX-RS method.
DECODER interceptors wrap the InputStream. For example, the GZIP interceptor decoder wraps the InputStream in a GzipInputStream instance.
Interceptors that are not associated with a precedence family are invoked after all others. To assign an interceptor to a precedence family, use the @Precedence annotation, referred to in Section 13.4, “RESTEasy Defined Annotations”.