10.2.6. Bean Lifecycle Manage the Lifecycle of a Bean


This task shows you how to save a bean for the life of a request. Several other scopes exist, and you can define your own scopes.

The default scope for an injected bean is @Dependent. This means that the bean's lifecycle is dependent upon the lifecycle of the bean which holds the reference. For more information, see Section, “Contexts and Scopes”.

Procedure 10.4. Manage Bean Lifecycles

  1. Annotate the bean with the scope corresponding to your desired scope.

    public class GreeterBean {
      private Welcome welcome;
      private String city; // getter & setter not shown
      @Inject   void init(Welcome welcome) {
        this.welcome = welcome;
      public void welcomeVisitors() {
  2. When your bean is used in the JSF view, it holds state.

      <h:inputText value="#{greeter.city}"/>
      <h:commandButton value="Welcome visitors" action="#{greeter.welcomeVisitors}"/>

Your bean is saved in the context relating to the scope that you specify, and lasts as long as the scope applies.