11.2.11. About Distributed Transactions

A distributed transaction, is a transaction with participants on multiple JBoss EAP 6 servers. Java Transaction Service (JTS) specification mandates that JTS transactions be able to be distributed across application servers from different vendors (transaction distribution among servers from different vendors is not a supported feature). Java Transaction API (JTA) does not define that but JBoss EAP 6 supports distributed JTA transactions among JBoss EAP6 servers.


In other app server vendor documentation, you can find that term distributed transaction means XA transaction. In context of JBoss EAP 6 documentation, the distributed transaction refers transactions distributed among several application servers. Transaction which consists from different resources (for example, database resource and jms resource) are referred as XA transactions in this document. For more information, refer Section 11.2.6, “About Java Transaction Service (JTS)” and Section 11.2.7, “About XA Datasources and XA Transactions”.