4. Features Provided as Tech Preview Only

The following configurations and features are known to have issues and are provided as technology previews only. They are not supported in a production environment.
Stateless Identity Bean
JBoss EAP 6.3 includes a new identity management feature in PicketLink, which provides the ability to use both stateless and session-scoped identity beans.
WS-Trust/STS with JBoss Web Services
JBoss Web Services now exposes WS-Trust/STS capabilities from the underlying CXF implementation.
Adding and Removing Modules with the JBoss CLI
The CLI offers new commands to add and remove modules.
RestEasy Validation with the Hibernate Validator
RestEasy now includes a validation provider to support the Hibernate Validator delivered with JBoss EAP 6.
This feature enables a user to replace the JSF implementation provided with JBoss EAP 6 with a user-supplied JSF implementation.
mod_jk and IPv6
The mod_jk version has been updated from 1.2.36 to 1.2.40. This new version contains support for IPv6, however this feature has not been fully tested.
The WebSocket protocol provides two way communication between web clients and servers. Communications between clients and the server are event-based, allowing for faster processing and smaller bandwidth compared with polling-based methods.