6.2.3 Release Notes

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.2

For Use with Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.2

Nidhi Chaudhary

Lucas Costi

Russell Dickenson

Sande Gilda

Vikram Goyal

Eamon Logue

Darrin Mison

Scott Mumford

David Ryan

Misty Stanley-Jones

Keerat Verma

Tom Wells


These release notes contain important information related to Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.2.3. Read these Release Notes in their entirety before installing the product.

1. About Maintenance Releases

In order to better meet customer expectations, micro releases for JBoss EAP 6 have been discontinued upon the 6.2 release and replaced with patch updates delivered on a repeating schedule, targeting a new release every 6 weeks. The patch updates will be delivered for both ZIP and RPM based installations of JBoss EAP.
  • For installations originating from a ZIP file, a Cumulative Patch managed by a new EAP feature for applying patches, removing patches, and viewing patch state will be delivered.
  • For installations originating from RPMs, updated RPMs containing the identical fixes included in the Cumulative Patch will be delivered through Red Hat Network on the same repeating schedule.
Each new patch update will contain a number of bug fixes for customer reported issues and potentially a number of security fixes. We expect that the patch updates will substantially reduce the number of individual patches that we produce and that customers must manage to keep their installations up to date.
For more information see the following Red Hat Knowledgebase articles: Maintenance Release Changes in EAP 6.2+ (https://access.redhat.com/site/articles/547663) and Updated Patch Management with EAP 6.2+ (https://access.redhat.com/site/articles/547673).
JBoss EAP Patching Schedule

Figure 1. JBoss EAP Patching Schedule