4. Features Provided as Tech Preview Only

The following configurations and features are known to have issues and are provided as tech previews only. They are not supported in a production environment.
WS-Trust/STS with JBoss Web Services
JBoss Web Services now exposes WS-Trust/STS capabilities from the underlying CXF implementation.
Adding and Removing Modules with the JBoss CLI
The CLI offers new commands to add and remove modules.
WS-AT/XA Bridge
The WS-AT/XA transaction bridge functionality is provided as a technology preview only, and is not supported in a production environment.
RestEasy validation with the Hibernate Validator
RestEasy now delivers a validation provider to support the Hibernate Validator delivered with JBoss EAP 6.
Restored ServiceMBean helper classes
Module org.jboss.as.system-jmx has been introduced to restore helper classes available in earlier versions of JBoss EAP that assist users in creating MBeans.
This feature enables a user to replace the JSF implementation provided with JBoss EAP 6 with a user-supplied JSF implementation.
Hibernate - Improved and Expanded Bytecode Enhancement Support