5.2. Subscribe to Patch Mailing Lists


The JBoss team at Red Hat maintains a mailing list for security announcements for Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Middleware products. This topic covers what you need to do to subscribe to this list.


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Procedure 5.1. Subscribe to the JBoss Watch List

  1. Click the following link to go to the JBoss Watch mailing list page: JBoss Watch Mailing List.
  2. Enter your email address in the Subscribing to Jboss-watch-list section.
  3. [You may also wish to enter your name and select a password. Doing so is completely optional but recommended.]
  4. Press the Subscribe button to start the subscription process.
  5. You can browse the archives of the mailing list by going to: JBoss Watch Mailing List Archives.

After confirmation of your email account, you will be subscribed to receive security related announcements from the JBoss patch mailing list.