7.4. SSL Connector Reference

JBoss Web connectors may include the following SSL configuration attributes. The CLI commands provided are designed for a managed domain using profile default. Change the profile name to the one you wish to configure, for a managed domain, or omit the /profile=default portion of the command, for a standalone server.

Table 7.1. SSL Connector Attributes

Attribute Description CLI Command
The display name of the SSL connector.
Set to true to require a valid certificate chain from the client before accepting a connection. Set to want if you want the SSL stack to request a client Certificate, but not fail if one is not presented. Set to false (the default) to not require a certificate chain unless the client requests a resource protected by a security constraint that uses CLIENT-CERT authentication.
The maximum number of intermediate certificate issuers checked before deciding that the clients do not have a valid certificate. The default value is 10.
The full file path and file name of the keystore file where the signed server certificate is stored. With JSSE encryption, this certificate file will be the only one, while OpenSSL uses several files. The default value is the .keystore file in the home directory of the user running JBoss EAP 6. If your keystoreType does not use a file, set the parameter to an empty string.
If you use OpenSSL encryption, set the value of this parameter to the path to the file containing the server certificate.
The password for both the trustore and keystore. In the following example, replace PASSWORD with your own password.
The version of the SSL protocol to use. Supported values include SLv2, SSLv3, TLSv1, SSLv2+SSLv3, and ALL. The default is ALL.
A comma-separated list of the encryption ciphers which are allowed. The JVM default for JSSE contains weak ciphers which should not be used. The example only lists two possible ciphers, but real-world examples will likely use more.
/profile=default/subsystem=web/connector=HTTPS/ssl=configuration/:write-attribute(name=cipher-suite, value="TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA,TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA")
The alias used to for the server certificate in the keystore. In the following example, replace KEY_ALIAS with your certificate's alias.
The type of the truststore. Various types of keystores are available, including PKCS12 and Java's standard JKS.
The type of the keystore, Various types of keystores are available, including PKCS12 and Java's standard JKS.
The file containing the CA certificates. This is the truststoreFile, in the case of JSSE, and uses the same password as the keystore. The ca-certificate-file file is used to validate client certificates.
The Certificate password for the ca-certificate-file. In the following example, replace the MASKED_PASSWORD with your own masked password.
A file or URL which contains the revocation list. It refers to the crlFile for JSSE or the SSLCARevocationFile for SSL.
The size of the SSLSession cache. This attribute applies only to JSSE connectors. The default is 0, which specifies an unlimited cache size.
The number of seconds before a cached SSLSession expires. This attribute applies only to JSSE connectors. The default is 86400 seconds, which is 24 hours.