9.2. JMS Configuration

9.2.1. Reference for HornetQ Configuration Attributes

The JBoss EAP 6 implementation of HornetQ exposes the following attributes for configuration. You can use the Management CLI in particular to exposure the configurable or viewable attributes with the read-resource operation.

Example 9.3. Example

[standalone@localhost:9999 /] /subsystem=messaging/hornetq-server=default:read-resource

Table 9.1. HornetQ Attributes

Attribute Example Value Type
allow-failback true BOOLEAN
async-connection-execution-enabled true BOOLEAN
backup false BOOLEAN
cluster-password somethingsecure STRING
clustered false BOOLEAN
connection-ttl-override -1 LONG
create-bindings-dir true BOOLEAN
create-journal-dir true BOOLEAN
failback-delay 5000 LONG
failover-on-shutdown false BOOLEAN
id-cache-size 2000 INT
jmx-domain org.hornetq STRING
jmx-management-enabled false BOOLEAN
journal-buffer-size 100 LONG
journal-buffer-timeout 100 LONG
journal-compact-min-files 10 INT
journal-compact-percentage 30 INT
journal-file-size 102400 LONG
journal-max-io 1 INT
journal-min-files 2 INT
journal-sync-non-transactional true BOOLEAN
journal-sync-transactional true BOOLEAN
journal-type ASYNCIO STRING
live-connector-ref reference STRING
log-journal-write-rate false BOOLEAN
management-address jms.queue.hornetq.management STRING
management-notification-address hornetq.notifications STRING
memory-measure-interval -1 LONG
memory-warning-threshold 25 INT
message-counter-enabled false BOOLEAN
message-counter-max-day-history 10 INT
message-counter-sample-period 10000 LONG
message-expiry-scan-period 30000 LONG
message-expiry-thread-priority 3 INT
page-max-concurrent-io 5 INT
perf-blast-pages -1 INT
persist-delivery-count-before-delivery false BOOLEAN
persist-id-cache true BOOLEAN
persistence-enabled true BOOLEAN
remoting-interceptors undefined LIST
run-sync-speed-test false BOOLEAN
scheduled-thread-pool-max-size 5 INT
security-domain other STRING
security-enabled true BOOLEAN
security-invalidation-interval 10000 LONG
server-dump-interval -1 LONG
shared-store true BOOLEAN
started true BOOLEAN
thread-pool-max-size 30 INT
transaction-timeout 300000 LONG
transaction-timeout-scan-period 1000 LONG
version 2.2.16.Final (HQ_2_2_16_FINAL, 122) STRING
wild-card-routing-enabled true BOOLEAN


The value of journal-file-size must be higher than the size of message sent to server, or the server won't be able to store the message.