3.6. Disable Remote Access to the JMX Subsystem

Remote JMX connectivity allows you to trigger JDK and application management operations. In order to secure an installation, disable this function. You can do this either by removing the remote connection configuration, or removing the JMX subsystem entirely. The JBoss CLI commands reference the default profile in a managed domain configuration. To modify a different profile, modify the /profile=default part of the command. For a standalone server, remove that portion of the command completely.


In a managed domain the remoting connector is removed from the JMX subsystem by default. This command is provided for your information, in case you add it during development.

Example 3.5. Remove the Remote Connector from the JMX Subsystem


Example 3.6. Remove the JMX Subsystem

Run this command for each profile you use, if you use a managed domain.