Configure Logging for the Transaction Subsystem


Use this procedure to control the amount of information logged about transactions, independent of other logging settings in JBoss EAP 6. The main procedure shows how to do this in the web-based Management Console. The Management CLI command is given afterward.

Procedure 10.4. Configure the Transaction Logger Using the Management Console

  1. Navigate to the Logging configuration area.

    In the Management Console, click the Profiles tab at the top left of the screen. If you use a managed domain, choose the server profile you wish to configure, from the Profile selection box at the top right.
    Expand the Core menu, and click the Logging label.
  2. Edit the com.arjuna attributes.

    Click the Edit button in the Details section, toward the bottom of the page. This is where you can add class-specific logging information. The com.arjuna class is already present. You can change the log level and whether to use parent handlers.
    Log Level
    The log level is WARN by default. Because transactions can produce a large quantity of logging output, the meaning of the standard logging levels is slightly different for the transaction logger. In general, messages tagged with levels at a lower severity than the chosen level are discarded.

    Transaction Logging Levels, from Most to Least Verbose

    • TRACE
    • DEBUG
    • INFO
    • WARN
    • ERROR
    Use Parent Handlers
    Whether the logger should send its output to its parent logger. The default behavior is true.
  3. Changes take effect immediately.