13.3. Using the Performance Tool

The performance tool displays performance information about the transaction service. This information is gathered using the Performance JMX bean, so the transaction service needs to be integrated into an Application Server to give any performance information.
The information is displayed using a multi-series graph. To view this graph, open a performance window by selecting PerformanceOpen.

Items Displayed in the Performance Tool Graph

  • Number of transactions.
  • Number of committed transactions.
  • Number of aborted transactions.
  • Number of nested transactions.
  • Number of heuristics raised.
To toggle these series on and off, select the menu option from the Series menu.
If a series is active, it appears in the legend at the bottom of the graph, along with its color in the graph.
The Y-axis represents the number of transactions and the X-axis represents time.
At any point the sampling of data can be stopped and restarted using the Sampling menu and the data currently visible in the graph can be saved to a Comma Separate Values (CSV) file for importing the data into a spreadsheet application using the Save to .csv menu option from the Data menu.