13.4. Using the JMX Browser

To open the JMX browser window, choose FileOpen JMX Browser option.
The window consists of the MBean panel and the Details panel. The MBean panel displays the MBeans exposed by the MBean server, grouped by domain name. The Details panel displays information about the currently selected MBean. To select an MBean, click it with the mouse.

Information Displayed in the Details Panel

  • The total number of MBeans registered on this server.
  • The number of constructors exposed by this MBean.
  • The number of attributes exposed by this MBean.
  • The number of operations exposed by this MBean.
  • The number of notifications exposed by this MBean.
  • A brief description of the MBean.
A link to the View menu enables display of the attributes and operations exposed by the MBean. You can view readable attributes, alter writeable attributes and invoke operations.

13.4.1. Using Attributes and Operations

Clicking the View link displays the View JMX Attributes and Operations window. Use this window to view all readable attributes exposed by the selected MBean, and alter writeable attributes. To alter an attribute's value, double-click the current value and enter the new value. If the ... button is enabled, click it to enable an advanced editor. If the attribute is a JMX object name, clicking this button displays the JMX attributes and operations for that object.
At any point, you can click the Refresh button to refresh the attribute values. If an exception occurs while retrieving the value of an attribute, the exception is displayed in place of the attributes value.
You can also invoke operations upon an MBean, by selecting them from the list of operations, which is displayed below the attributes list, and clicking the Invoke button. If the operation requires parameters a further window will be displayed, from this window you must specify values for each of the parameters required. You specify parameter values in the same way as you specify JMX attribute values. Once you have specified a value for each of the parameters click the Invoke button to perform the invocation. After the invocation has completed, its return value is displayed.