Chapter 8. Using JBossJTA with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

8.1. Service Configuration

Most of the configuration for The JBoss Transaction Service is done using the XML files stored in the etc directory. Several extra attributes can be configured when it is run as a JBOSS service, however.
The default transaction timeout to be used for new transactions. An integer value, expressed in seconds.
Determines whether or not the transaction service should gather statistical information. Viable using the PerformanceStatistics MBean. A Boolean value, whose default is NO.
Determines whether a full transactional context is propagated by context importer/exporter. If set to false, only the current transaction context is propagated. If set to true, the full transaction context is propagated, including any parent transactions.
These attributes are specified as MBean attributes in the jboss-service.xml file located in the server/all/conf directory, See Example 8.1, “Example jboss-services.xml for an example.

Example 8.1. Example jboss-services.xml

<mbean code="com.arjuna.ats.jbossatx.jts.TransactionManagerService" name="jboss:service=TransactionManager">
  <attribute name="TransactionTimeout">300</attribute>
  <attribute name="StatisticsEnabled>true</attribute>>

The transaction service can also be configured via the standard JBoss Transaction Service property files. These are located in the JBoss Transaction Service install location under the etc directory. You can edit these files manually or through JMX. Each property file is exposed using an object whose name is derived from a combination of and the name of the module containing the attribute to be configured An example is