Chapter 5. JDBC and Transactions

5.1. Using the transactional JDBC driver

JBossJTA supports the construction of local and distributed transactional applications which access databases using the JDBC 2.0 APIs. JDBC 2.0 supports two-phase commit of transactions, and is similar to the XA X/Open standard. The JDBC 2.0 support is found in the com.arjuna.ats.jdbc package.
The JDBC 2.0 support has been certified with current versions of most enterprise database vendors. See for supported configurations.

5.1.1. Managing Transactions

JBossJTA needs to associate work performed on a JDBC connection with a specific transaction. Therefore, applications must use implicit transaction propagation and indirect transaction management. For each JDBC connection, JBossJTA must be able to determine the invoking thread’s current transaction context.

5.1.2. Restrictions

Nested transactions are not supported by JDBC 2.0. If you try to use a JDBC connection within a subtransaction, JBossJTA throws an exception and no work is performed using that connection.