23.2.2. WS-BA Participant Crash Recovery APIs Saving Participant Recovery State

A participant may signal that it is capable of performing recovery processing, by implementing the java.lang.Serializable interface. An alternative is to implement the Example 23.4, “PersistableBAParticipant Interface”.

Example 23.4. PersistableBAParticipant Interface

public interface PersistableBAParticipant
    byte[] getRecoveryState() throws Exception;
If a participant implements the Serializable interface, the XTS participant services implementation uses the serialization API to create a version of the participant which can be appended to the participant log entry. If the participant implements the PersistableBAParticipant, the XTS participant services implementation call the getRecoveryState method to obtain the state, which is appended to the participant log entry.
If neither of these APIs is implemented, the XTS implementation logs a warning message and proceeds without saving any recovery state. If the Web service's host machine crashes while the activity is being closed, the activity cannot be recovered and a heuristic outcome will probably be logged on the coordinator's host machine. If the activity is canceled, the participant is not compensated and the coordinator host machine may log a heuristic outcome for the activity.