19.2. Creating Client Applications

There are two aspects to a client application using XTS, the transaction declaration aspects, and the business logic. The business logic includes the invocation of Web Services.
Transaction declaration aspects are handled automatically with the XTS client API. This API provides simple transaction directives such as begin, commit, and rollback, which the client application can use to initialize, manage, and terminate transactions. Internally, this API uses SOAP to invoke operations on the various WS-C, WS-AT and WS-BA services, in order to create a coordinator and drive the transaction to completion.

19.2.1. User Transactions

A client uses the UserTransactionFactory and UserTransaction classes to create and manage WS-AT transactions. These classes provide a simple API which operates in a manner similar to the JTA API. A WS-AT transaction is started and associated with the client thread by calling the begin method of the UserTransaction class. The transaction can be committed by calling the commit method, and rolled back by calling the rollback method.
More complex transaction management, such as suspension and resumption of transactions, is supported by the TransactionManagerFactory and TransactionManager classes.
Full details of the WS-AT APIs are provided in Chapter 21, The XTS API.