1.6. Excluded, Removed, or Deprecated Items


An item that has never been featured in a product release but is otherwise part of one of the open source components of the product.
An item that will be removed from a future release, usually the next major version.
An item that was previously in a release of the product and is no longer included. Items will usually be deprecated before being removed.

1.6.1. Deprecated

JBoss Cache is deprecated as it is to be replaced by Infinispan in the next major release.
The hibernate-jmx JAR is deprecated and will be removed from jboss-ejb3-as6-depchain in the next major release. The hibernate-annotations JAR will be reimplemented and delivered as part of the hibernate-core JAR.
The JDBC3 (JDK5) classes from the JDBC adapter are deprecated and will be removed in the next major release as a JDK6 (or later) environment, which contains these classes, will be required.
As RMIAdaptor is being replaced to meet JSR-160, the JRPMInvoker and JRMPInvokerHA are deprecated and the UnifiedInvoker will be the default legacy invoker in the next major release.
JBoss Web Console is deprecated in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5.2. The Admin Console will take over its function. Also note that JMX Console will be supported as legacy. Note: The Web Console is not included at all in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.
The TwitterClient example is deprecated in RESTEasy 1.2.x due to Twitter deprecating the Basic Authentication method in August 2010. All applications must now use OAuth. RESTEasy 2.x contains a reworked TwitterClient example that includes OAuth. Download the example from the newest version of RESTEasy http://www.jboss.org/resteasy for testing purposes.