7.3. Location of Log Files

The storage location of log files should be considered as a potential performance issue. Logging could perform poorly if on a file system and disk configuration that is poor for I/O throughput, degrading the whole platform's performance. The likely performance impact is heavily dependent on the rate at which messages are logged. Even if the logging rate is normally quite low, there can be an impact if debug/trace logging needs to be enabled to troubleshoot an issue. With this form of logging enabled the logs can grow very fast and impact performance dramatically, also making it more difficult to get the information needed.
To change the storage location of log files choose one of the following options, with option 1 recommended because it's easier to maintain:
  1. Specify the preferred value for the variable from the command-line when starting JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, such as: -Djboss.server.log.dir=<path_for_log_files>
  2. Edit the configuration file, replacing the variable ${jboss.server.log.dir} with the preferred path.