Chapter 11. Putting It All Together

This book has covered many aspects of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and opportunities for performance optimization. In presenting example performance improvements an OLTP application has been used as the test case. Before presenting the results of optimizing the performance of this application, here are details of the underlying infrastructure:

11.1. Test Configuration

Server Configuration
  • CPU: Intel Nehalem-based server with two, four-core Xeon E5520 processors, running at 2.27GHz, with hyper-threading enabled, giving 16 virtual cores
  • Memory: 24GB of RAM
  • Local storage: two 80GB solid state drives, in a RAID-0 configuration
  • Operating system: Linux
A RAID 0 configuration was chosen for local storage to avoid I/O contention with the database
Hosted on MySQL 5.5.x with the new asynchronous I/O capabilities and the transaction limit removed.
Load Driver
Laptop with four-core CPU and hyper-threading enabled, dedicated gigabit network connection between the laptop and the server.