Chapter 6. Java Message Service (JMS) Provider

As discussed in the JCA chapter, JBoss Enterprise Application Platform offers two JMS providers: the default JBoss Messaging and the new HornetQ. From a performance perspective, HornetQ is far superior to JBoss Messaging.

6.1. Switching the Default Messaging Provider to HornetQ

To change the default JMS provider from JBoss Messaging to HornetQ, a script is provided in the EAP distribution which moves JBoss Messaging out of the deployment folders and deploys HornetQ. The script is called (switch.bat on Microsoft Windows Server) and can be found in the directory JBOSS_EAP_DIST/jboss-as/extras/hornetq. This script requires the open source build tool Ant be in the path in order to work.


There is no "undo" option except to reinstall the binaries, so be sure you want to do this before proceeding.