Chapter 5. Java Connector Architecture

Within the platform, Java Connector Architecture (JCA) is used in two main areas: integration with data sources, such as relational databases, and integration with JMS providers. In EAP 5.1.2 and above, two JMS providers are available: JBoss Messaging technology, and the newer HornetQ technology. External JMS providers can be integrated through their provided JCA resource adapters. This chapter will cover data sources and their respective parameters, also JMS integration and its relevant parameters.

5.1. Data Sources

Data sources are the means of defining the properties of a relational database. This is done with a *-ds.xml file in the deploy directory of a specific configuration. The platform ships with examples for quite a few relational databases, and there is a complete list of certified relational databases on the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform product pages of the Red Hat website. A data source definition has many parameters but the focus here is on two specific parameters: min-pool-size and max-pool-size.