5.3. Limitations

The JBoss HTTP Connector mod_cluster uses shared memory to keep the nodes description, the shared memory is created at the startup of httpd and the structure of each item is fixed. Therefore, when defining proxy server and worker node properties, make sure to follow these character limits:
  • Maximum Alias length: 100 characters (Alias corresponds to the network name of the respective virtual host; the name is defined in the Host element)
  • Maximum context length: 40 characters (for example, if myapp.war is deployed in /myapp, then /myapp is the context)
  • Maximum balancer name length: 40 characters (the balancer property in MBean)
  • Maximum JVMRoute string length: 80 character (JVMRoute in the <Engine> element)
  • Maximum domain name length: 20 characters (the domain property in MBean)
  • Maximum hostname length for a node: 64 characters (hostname address in the <Connector> element)
  • Maximum port length for a node: 7 characters (8009 is 4 characters, the port property in the <Connector> element)
  • Maximum scheme length for a node: 6 characters (possible values are http, https, ajp, the protocol of the connector)
  • Maximum cookie name length: 30 characters (the header cookie name for session ID default value: JSESSIONID from org.apache.catalina.Globals.SESSION_COOKIE_NAME)
  • Maximum path name length: 30 characters (the parameter name for the session ID default value: JSESSIONID from org.apache.catalina.Globals.SESSION_PARAMETER_NAME)
  • Maximum length of a session ID: 120 characters (session ID resembles the following: BE81FAA969BF64C8EC2B6600457EAAAA.node01)