Chapter 7. Configure basic proxy server

Follow the instructions in this chapter to configure an HTTPD to use the JBoss HTTP Connector (mod_cluster).

7.1. Basic proxy configuration overview

Configuration of the proxy server consists of one mandatory and one optional portion:
  1. Configure a proxy server listener to receive worker node connection requests and worker node feedback.
  2. Optional: Disable server advertisement.
Server Advertisement

The proxy server can advertise itself using UDP multicast. When UDP multicast is available on the network between the proxy server and the worker nodes server advertisement allows you to add worker nodes with no further configuration required on the proxy server, and minimal configuration on the worker nodes.

If UDP multicast is not available or undesirable, configure the worker nodes with a static list of proxy servers, as detailed in Section 9.1, “Static proxy configuration”. There is no need in either case to configure the proxy server with a list of worker nodes.