6.2. Install proxy server components

Task: Install Proxy Server Components

Follow this task to install the JBoss HTTP Connector.
The native components are specific to particular operating system and processor architectures. Refer to the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Installation Guide to download the correct native components package for your server operating system and processor architecture.


  • An installed Web Server distribution, such as JBoss Enterprise Web Server or HPWS installed (designated by HTTPD_HOME in this documentation).
  • JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5 Native components downloaded.
  1. Extract Apache HTTP Server modules from Native Components download

    Extract the four modules mod_advertise.so, mod_manager.so, mod_proxy_cluster.so, mod_slotmem.so from the appropriate Native Components package directory for your processor architecture: either native/lib/httpd/modules or native/lib64/httpd/modules.
  2. Copy Apache HTTP Server modules to HTTPD_HOME

    Copy the JBoss HTTP Connector modules to the HTTPD_HOME/httpd/modules directory of the JBoss Enterprise Web Server.
  3. Disable the mod_proxy_balancer module

    Edit the HTTPD configuration file HTTPD_HOME/httpd/conf/httpd.conf and mark the following line as a comment by adding a # character at the start:
    LoadModule proxy_balancer_module modules/mod_proxy_balancer.so
    This module is incompatible with the JBoss HTTP Connector.
  4. Configure the server to load the JBoss HTTP Connector modules

    1. Create HTTPD_HOME/httpd/conf/JBoss_HTTP.conf.
    2. Add the following lines to HTTPD_HOME/httpd/conf/JBoss_HTTP.conf:
      LoadModule slotmem_module HTTPD_HOME/modules/mod_slotmem.so
      LoadModule manager_module HTTPD_HOME/modules/mod_manager.so
      LoadModule proxy_cluster_module HTTPD_HOME/modules/mod_proxy_cluster.so
      LoadModule advertise_module HTTPD_HOME/modules/mod_advertise.so
  5. Restart the HTTPD service

    Refer to HTTPD-specific documentation for detailed instructions.