5.5.2. Using JDK 5.0 Annotations

JDK 5.0 introduced XDoclet-style annotations at the language level that are type-safe and checked at compile time. This mechanism is more powerful than XDoclet annotations and better supported by tools and IDEs. IntelliJ IDEA, for example, supports auto-completion and syntax highlighting of JDK 5.0 annotations. The new revision of the EJB specification (JSR-220) uses JDK 5.0 annotations as the primary metadata mechanism for entity beans. Hibernate3 implements the EntityManager of JSR-220 (the persistence API). Support for mapping metadata is available via the Hibernate Annotations package as a separate download. Both EJB3 (JSR-220) and Hibernate3 metadata is supported.
This is an example of a POJO class annotated as an EJB entity bean:
public class Customer implements Serializable {

    Long id;

    String firstName;
    String lastName;
    Date birthday;

    Integer age;

    private Address homeAddress;

    Set<Order> orders;

    // Getter/setter and business methods