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4.4. Scripts

Several scripts come with the Enterprise Application Platform, and are visible in the Admin Console.
  • - used to set the class path for server and client.
  • - sample initialization script for HP-UX systems.
  • - sample initialization script for Solaris systems.
  • - used to discover EAP clusters.
  • - starts an instance of the Enterprise Application Platform. For usage, see the Getting Started Guide.
  • - shuts down the Enterprise Application Platform instance.
  • - generates portable JAX-WS artifacts from a WSDL file.
  • - generates portable JAX-WS artifacts for an endpoint implementation.
  • - builds correct classpath and libraries for JAX-WS web service client.
Only some of these scripts are useful to run from Admin Console, as they are command line tools. To run a script using the Admin Console, use the following procedure.

Procedure 4.16. Running a Script

  1. Navigating to the script

    1. Navigate to the Scripts section in the Admin Console, ResourcesScripts.
    2. Click the script to be run.
    3. Click the 'Control' tab.
  2. Running the script

    1. Click Execute Script.
    2. Enter in the appropriate parameters, if any, and click OK.
    3. When the script has finished running, the results are displayed.