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4.2. Connection Factory

Connection Factories provide connection objects to the Resource Adapter (deployed in a RAR) they are associated with. The following types of Connection Factories are managed through the Admin Console:
  • No Tx Connection Factories - these do not take part in JTA transactions
  • Local Transaction Connection Factories - these participate in local JTA transactions
  • XA Transaction Connection Factories - these participate in distributed JTA transactions

4.2.1. Add a Connection Factory Resource

To add a Connection Factory for use by a Resource Adapter, follow this procedure.

Procedure 4.7. Adding a Connection Factory to JBoss Messaging

  1. Navigate to the Connection Factory type required, under ResourcesConnection Factories.
  2. Click Add a new resource.
  3. Select the template to use, and click Continue.
  4. Enter the JNDI name, RAR name, and Connection Definition in the labeled fields.


    The RAR for the associated Resource Adapter must be deployed before adding the Connection Factory.
  5. Configure extra options for the connection factory. For more information about configuration options, see the JBoss Messaging User Guide.
  6. Click Save. The new Connection Factory will be displayed in the Admin Console.