5.4.2. Using the Object Store Browser

To open the Object Store browser window click on the File menu and then click the Open Object Store Browser option. The Object Store browser window will then be displayed.
The object store browser window is split into four sections:
  • Object Store Roots - this is a pull down of the currently avaliable object store roots. Selecting an option from the list will repopulate the hierachy view with the contents of the selected root.
  • Object Store Hierarchy – this is a tree which shows the current object store hierarchy. Selecting a node from this tree will display the objects stored in that location.
  • Objects – this is a list of icons which represent the objects stored in the selected location.
  • Object Details – this shows information about the currently selected object (only if the object’s type is known to the state viewer repository see Writing an OSV for information on how to write a object state viewers).