Chapter 8. Uninstall JBoss

If you used the GUI installer to install JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, then an automatic uninstaller is also installed. From the GUI the uninstaller can be selected from the JBoss program group, if one was created at installation time. A second option is to run this uninstaller from the command line. Within the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Installation directory you will find a directory called Uninstaller. Inside the Uninstaller directory you will find a jar file named uninstaller.jar. Run the uninstaller from the command line using the jar utility.
[vsr]$ java -jar uninstaller.jar
This command will launch the uninstaller program. If you wish to delete the installation directory and all its contents select the check box "Force the deletion of <installation_directory>" and hit the Uninstall button.

Figure 8.1. Uninstaller

If no uninstaller is available, and JBoss Enterprise Application Platform was installed using the zip file, it may be uninstalled by simply deleting the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform installed directory.