A.2. IBM Java Development Kit on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

Use this procedure to install the IBM Java Development Kit (JDK) on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.


The IBM JDK is a dependency of the platform installation. You must install this package for installation to succeed. You do not have to set the IBM JDK as the primary JDK the platform uses.

Procedure A.2.  Installing the Sun Microsystems JDK on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

  1. Subscribe to Supplementary Server channel.

    The IBM Java Development Kit is available in the Supplementary Server channel.
  2. Install the package.

    To install the Sun Microsystems Java Development Kit package, become the root user and run this command:
    yum install java-1.5.0-ibm-devel
  3. Set OpenJDK as the system's default Java Development Kit

    To ensure that the intended JDK is set as the system default, run the alternatives command as described in Section A.4, “ Setting the default JDK with the /usr/sbin/alternatives Utility ”