Chapter 7. Post Installation Configuration

7.1. Set JBOSS_HOME Environment Variable

On a Linux Platform

Create an environment variable that points to the installation directory (JBOSS_DIST/jboss-as) and call it JBOSS_HOME. Add $JBOSS_HOME/bin to the system path to be able to run the server from the command line. You can do this by adding the following lines to the .bashrc file in your home directory.
#In this example /home/vrenish/EnterprisePlatform-4.3.0/jboss-as is the installation directory.
  export JBOSS_HOME=/home/vrenish/EnterprisePlatform-4.3.0/jboss-as
  export PATH=$PATH:$JBOSS_HOME/bin
Set this variable for the user account(s) that will run the server.

On Microsoft Windows

Create an environment variable called JBOSS_HOME that points to the installation directory, for example: C:\Program Files\EnterprisePlatform-4.3.0\jboss-as\. In order to run the server from the command line add the bin directory to your path, for example: C:\Program Files\EnterprisePlatform-4.3.0\jboss-as\bin. To do this, open the Control Panel from the Start Menu, switch to Classic View if necessary, open the System Control Panel applet, select the Advanced Tab, and click on the Environment Variables button.