Chapter 1. Introduction

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is the open source implementation of the Java EE suite of services. It comprises a set of offerings for enterprise customers who are looking for preconfigured profiles of JBoss Enterprise Middleware components that have been tested and certified together to provide an integrated experience. It's easy-to-use server architecture and high flexibility makes JBoss the ideal choice for users just starting out with J2EE, as well as senior architects looking for a customizable middleware platform.
Because it is Java-based, JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is cross-platform, easy to install and use on any operating system that supports Java. The readily available source code is a powerful learning tool to debug the server and understand it. It also gives you the flexibility to create customized versions for your personal or business use.
Installing JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is simple and easy. You can have it installed and running in no time. This guide will teach you to install and uninstall JBoss.

1.1. Other Manuals

If you are looking for detailed product information refer to the manuals available online at