Chapter 3. Installation Alternatives

You can install the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform in one of these three modes:
  • Graphical Installer
    Using the Graphical Installer can simplify the installation and configuration process for non-sophisticated users. In addition to the basic installation, the installer provides you with basic configuration capabilities, allows you to control whether the JMX interfaces are secured and the ability to enter console username/password.
  • ZIP download
    In this form of installation, simply unzip the downloaded zip file to the directory of your choice. You can unzip the platform on any operating system that supports the zip format.
  • RPM download
    In this form of installation, you can automatically install the platform on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system using Red Hat Network.
When you install from the installer, you get a smaller install image that is more tuned for your environment. However, the directory structure will be slightly different than when using the rpm/zip archive.
Four types of server configurations will be included in your installation - minimal, default, production and all. The Getting Started Guide explains in detail the different server configuration file sets.