Chapter 2. Getting Started

2.1. Pre-Requisites

The following sections discuss the hardware and software requirements to run the JBoss Application Server.

2.1.1. Hardware Requirements

When considering the minimum hardware required to run the JBoss Application Server, it is necessary to consider both the hardware required to successfully install the application and the additional requirements to support an operational server which varies depending on the demand and the types of applications being served.
Minimum Installation Requirements

The minimum hardware required to support the installation of the JBoss Application Server is a 240MB hard disk drive. Additional space is required for the installation of the JDK upon which the the JBoss Application Server depends. The JDK installation size is currently up to 150MB.

Minimum Operational Requirements

The minimum hardware required to support an operational JBoss Application Server varies depending on the following:

  • the size and complexity of the applications being served;
  • the demand placed on the server by the number and frequency of client requests;
  • the server configuration including the selected log files, their designated size and general server tuning.
The following discussion relates to the deployment of a simple application on a server experiencing minimal demand. In view of this, the absolute minimum requirements for an operational server are:
  • Disk Space: 1GB
    • The default server log file storage configuration is 500MB.
    • The remaining 500MB is allocated to the server installation (240MB), the required JDK (150MB) and some additional space for applications (110MB).
  • CPU: Intel Pentium Processor @ 1GHz
    • Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad and Intel Xeon chips will improve the performance of servers which experience high demand.
  • RAM: 128 MB
    • RAM installations of 1GB or more will be required to run a server upon which small to medium applications are deployed. 4GB or more is preferable for larger applications or to run a GUI server interface.


Tests were performed to establish the minimum memory requirements of 128MB based on JMX-Console, which is a small web application packaged with the standard distribution, and a small sub-set of tests from the test suite. These tests simulate small applications deployed on the server. For these tests, the server's configuration was modified via the JAVA_OPTS parameter "-Xms(MEMORY)m -Xmx(MEMORY)m".


A server's performance must be viewed in light of the applications deployed on the server, the demand placed on the server by client requests and any post-installation server configuration or tuning.

2.1.2. Supported Installations

For the latest information on supported Operating System / JVM combinations and supported Database platforms, refer to


The JBoss Application Server requires a working installation of Java and will work on any Operating System / Platform that supports Java. However, there are a few issues relating to Operating Systems which should be noted. Please refer to the following link for more information:

2.1.3. Configuring Your Java Environment

You must correctly configure your Java environment before installing JBoss Enterprise Application Platform to ensure the platform installs correctly. Follow the procedures in Appendix A, Installing a Java Development Kit on Red Hat Enterprise Linux prior to proceeding to Chapter 6, RPM Installation via Red Hat Network.